Thursday, May 3, 2012

Spring is in the air

We went to Japan in April to chase the beauty of the cherry blossoms just like everyone in Japan. The entire population has blossom fever for two short weeks. There's an actual channel on TV tracking the cherry blossom forecast and movement across the country. There are sakura (cherry blossom) themed drinks, desserts, decor, clothes, hello kitty toys, and parties (hanami picnics) under the trees, which are centered around drinking of course! We were slightly disappointed when we arrived in Japan to find that the weather was not cooperating with us. We left the Canadian winter only to find winter in Japan instead of spring and cherry blossoms.

In the mountains of Nikko, we discovered beautiful temples, Buddha images, forests, and snow.

In Kamakura, we finally found our first tree with blossoms!

Back in Tokyo, we found some plum blossoms (white blossoms), which usually flower a few weeks before sakura season. 

Then finally, the beginnings of cherry blossom season! With Tokyo's skyscrappers as a backdrop, we could enjoy the beauty of sakura season.

 After this, we found cherry blossoms everywhere. Our cameras couldn't keep up.

Cherry blossoms lite up by laterns along the river in Nara.

 The typical cherry blossom shots...

So many cherry blossoms!!!!

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