Sunday, May 20, 2012

Localitis of Love

 Boracay, Philippines:

This gorgeous island in the Philippines had a killer combo of the most beautiful beach and sunsets. Of all the places so far this beach had the bluest water and the sunsets were the most impressive.

After spending about a week here the romance-filled air started to go to our heads...
As  is typical for us, we tend to join the local trends of all the places we go to. In India it was wearing bindis and buying the gaudy Hindu goddess pictures, in Japan it was Hello Kitty and chopsticks, so how could we resist jumping on the bandwagon in the Philippines as well. The problem was, what I've dubbed "localitis" (doing as the locals do). In Boracay, it was couples wearing matching his and hers tshits. At first, as always, we thought these were so silly and laughed as everyone was wearing them, but eventually you catch that localitis and you just can't resist...

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