Friday, May 11, 2012

Royal Treatment for the Princess Backpackers

Never ones to follow the beaten path, Erin and I took a step away from the backpackers lifestyle (thanks entirely to the Lorenzo's !!) and lived in the lap of luxury for two days when we arrived in the Philippines.

We were so excited when we saw our room, the tv even had my name on it welcoming us!

 You could say this hotel was a little nicer than some of the other places we have stayed in so far during this trip..and it's possible we may have spent a large portion (lets get real, the entire time) of our two days in Manilla at the hotel.

We may have stuck out like sore thumbs, with our giant dirty backpacks, but we somehow managed to settle in nicely. I don't think the staff were used to our backpacker type however. On the first day of the most amazing buffet breakfast that was included the waitress came up to me, after I had already been to the buffet twice and had just finished my plate of blueberry pancakes that she had given to me not minutes before, and asked "finished already?" She had no idea just how much these little white girls could eat! Slightly embarassed, I only returned to the buffet two more times after that...

Another evening lounging in the lobby, Erin and I laughed as one of the women working at the hotel was walking aroung with a little white board and two bells.

Erin: "What's that chick doing? Why is she caring a sign?"
Laura: "What's that sign say? .. I think that sign has my name on it.. That sign has my name on it!!!!

We had a message for us and this was the hotels method of finding us, turns out, pretty effective.

We clearly were not used to this kind of attention and treatment, but we survived... and never wanted to leave!

On top of all this, we were treated to an amazing Filippino dinner and in typical style the food was far from running short! This was also where our love for calamansi drinks began, a true love story that lasted throughout our entire time in the Philippines. Thanks again for that lovely Philippine hospitality!!!

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