Thursday, May 31, 2012

A long awaited arrival

After a couple months of planning, a night in Taipei and 5 flights, I finally landed in Bangkok to join the two world travelers! It only took a short tuk tuk ride to the hostel before we dug into some phad thai across the street! You have to travel to Thailand for the real deal!

The following morning we took a swing at recreating Thai culinary masterpieces! Our cooking course started at the local market, where we learnt about all the different Thai ingredients like lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves and coriander.

We made some amazing dishes which included Tom yum soup (one of my favs), glass noodle salad, chicken with cashew nuts, fish cakes and sweet chilli sauce and red curry. We finished off the 5 course meal with bananas in freshly made by yours truly coconut milk!

The next day we headed out of Bangkok to an area called Kanchanaburi. There we went to see Erawan falls and some very cute but stealthy monkeys!! 

After climbing up the path for an hour, we reached the 6th level of the waterfalls and decided to try out the waters.

Not only were the waterfalls serene, so was our wonderful homestay at Ban Sabai Sabai (roughly translated as place to relax, relax).

It was hard to leave the beautiful countryside, not too hard though because we were beach bound!

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