Monday, June 25, 2012

Crabby Kep

In Kep, we stayed at a guesthouse with beautiful grounds surrounded by trees, exotic flowers, an amazing wood dining/sitting area, and cute treetop bungalows.

 We visited the famous crab market to watch the lunch time action. Women fully clothed and wearing brightly coloured raincoats and patterns waded in and out of the water dragging huge wood crab cages. Other women haggled over crab, shrimp, and fish prices with the smell of grilling seafood in the air.

From our seaside crab shack seats we watched the action take place. Enjoying what else, but crab!

It was way harder to eat then we anticipated!

 After, we found an empty temple in the jungle surrounded by gold animals and ships, with a beautiful view of the ocean and Vietnamese islands.

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