Monday, June 25, 2012


Battambang is a cute town in Cambodia (surprisingly, it's actually the second largest city!). It has lots of character with French colonial architecture, well preserved buildings, beautiful wats, and a a lovely river.

Just outside of Battambang, we did a day trip riding on the bamboo railway. We were told that this is its last year running as a tourist attraction, so we definitely had to do it. It was very worth it., think old wooden roller coaster with no safety restraints and probably no safety check, but it's no problem cause it only ever goes in a straight line! It's an exhilarating 20 minute ride to the village at the opposite end. When you meet another train on the tracks, the one with the smallest load is taken apart and lifted off the track for the other one to pass, then put back together. Pretty impressive... our conductor offered for us to help lift it. We decided it was best just to watch.

At the end of the bamboo train line, there is a small village where they make bricks. We visited with the kids and learned how to make bracelets, stars, and a grasshopper out of bamboo grass!

This is how the ice is delivered in huge blocks, which are sawed in 
pieces and distributed to every house and business.

We then visited a temple with 400 steps to the top. This cute Cambodian girl followed us to the top... Who am I kidding, she beat us to the top without breaking a sweat.

She loved taking photos and became our photographer for the climb.

She really liked taking pictures of everyone!

After spending the morning sweating, we spent the afternoon in Laura's favorite place:

The one and only VINEYARD in Cambodia!

We tried their wine, grape juice, and ginger juice. Although they should probably stick to producing grape juice.

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