Sunday, April 29, 2012

Eats Eats Eats

We made it to JAPAN!!!

What else would be the first and foremost thing to discuss... the food!!

In one of our hostels we cooked our own fish in the family room of the house where they have a fire pit set up. Attempting to eat the fish off a stick with chopsticks was a little difficult but we managed without embarrassing ourselves... too much.

We also made a stop at the famous fish market, biggest fish market in the world!

At another hostel we were lucky enough to try some traditional Japanese sweets that another guest was learning how to make. The ones below took her four hours to make and were made according the season (cherry blossoms). 

Going with the Japanese way, on one of our last days Erin saw a long line in front of a restaurant and decided that was where we needed to eat. We had no idea what the food was, the menu was all in Japanese  and the waiter just wasn't having any of our attempts to motion with hands what the food might be. Luckily we found some English speakers who helped us translate the menu. When the waiter came around we pointed to random Japanese characters and smiled. Once inside we were given these beautiful trays of food and were very pleased, the long line was right on this one.

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