Thursday, April 26, 2012

India knows how to party... in Hong Kong!

Our introduction to the expat community in Hong Kong involved Tessa and Paul taking us out for an amazing dinner and drinks. We stayed out a little later the planned...

Apparently in Hong Kong you take real "shots"! 
This was just at the beginning of the night. It's a square block of 
only bars where you can wander from one to another, drink in hand.
Canada also knows how to party in Hong Kong. We found a little bit of home at the Canadian bar. Crosby! Although, Laura was very disappointed at their lack of CC ice tea (Canadian Club and ice tea, a grown ups ice tea)!

We also cheered on the Canadian Rugby Sevens team at the biggest event in Hong Kong! People dress up in costumes like it's Halloween.
Can you spot Paul and Ethan? Or the pharaohs in the front row?

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