Thursday, January 19, 2012

Colourful Saris

Laura and I, or should I say Puja (apparently Laura sounds very similar to the Hindi word for... penis! So our driver has renamed her Puja). We are now in the Rajasthan province of India. It is known as the area of palaces, forts, kings, and queens, however, what has been one of our best experiences thus far was meeting a group of women and children along the road. These villagers were working in the fields when we stopped quickly to capture Laura's ideal picture of beautiful colourful saris against a dusty brown backdrop. Instead of snapping their pictures and jumping back in our car, we were overwhelmed by an excited and friendly welcome from everyone. We were surrounded by people greeting us, wanting to say hello, shake our hands, hug us and touch our hair and pasty white skin. It was the strangest experience to be so adorned by a group of strangers who we could not even understand.

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