Friday, January 13, 2012

The Five Senses of India

We put on our backpacks and have arrived!

Sights: Smog, homeless dogs, overpopulation of chipmunks, beautiful historical architecture, roadside shrines, roadside barber shops, cows wearing turbans, fires on the side of the road, peaceful and calming temples, and PASHMINAS. 

Sounds: car horns!, people asking if they could take our picture (x 100000000), compliments on our shoes (a ploy to get us to follow them, our sneakers are wack), sweet bollywood music (ex. Hosana), abrasive cellphone ringtones, spiritual chanting, 

Tastes: thirst, spice, dukoral, NAAN, chai, mango.

Touch: soft silk, bangles, crumbling stone.

Smells: cooking meat, pollution, street fires, urine, (but not shit!), incense.


  1. So cool. What about colours? What colour stands out?
    What's as bright as your backpack?

  2. HOOOOSANNNNAAAAAA dadingdadingdadingdadingdading