Sunday, March 25, 2012

Indian beauties

While visiting India we got many stares, stolen photos taken of us and in general, a lot of attention. We figured this was in part due to the fact that we stuck out so much as Westerners and white girls. Though, as our time in India continued we noticed we were becoming more and more like the local Indian women.. (Sometimes with some help from others). 

It started out with a little henna:

And then of course some pashminas:

Next we were given bindis by a local village woman. Little did she know she had started an obsession that grew into us wearing very sparkly bindis everyday.

Soon our friend Riyaz decided it was time we wore proper eye makeup and (very painfully) helped us to apply it. 

We even bought saris! And the ladies in the store were so excited that they made Erin try hers on. When she came out to show everyone (the entire staff came to see the white girl in the sari), the ladies were so excited and kept praising Erin on how beautiful she looked.

Unfortunately, as it turns out, wrapping a ton of cloth around you is a lot harder than it looks. Ergo when we tried it ourselves the outcome was a little under par...

Sparkly bindis, Indian jewelry (way too many shiny bangles!), tunics and saris, henna and pashminas. We are dressed up to a T as Indian women.  No wonder we are still getting stares in Hong Kong. 

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